Decalogue Society of Lawyers

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Founded in 1934, the Decalogue Society of Lawyers is an association of attorneys of the Jewish faith who seek to advance and improve the law, the legal profession, and the administration of justice; to foster friendly relations among its members, and between its members and other members of the bar, the courts, and the public; to cooperate as lawyers and citizens in worthy movements for the public welfare; to maintain vigilance against public practices that are antisocial or discriminatory; and to cooperate with other bar associations for the attainment of those objectives. Activities include a forum on legal topics of general and Jewish interest, lectures and seminars on recent decisions and legislation, and the presentation of awards. The society provides a placement service for members and maintains a welfare fund. Meetings are held annually in June.

The society has several active committees including those on arbitration, civic affairs, civil rights, family law, lawyer counseling, legal education, legislation, and professional relations.

The society publishes The Decalogue Journal (quarterly) and a membership directory (annually).