Talhouni, Bassam al- (1964–)

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Talhouni, Bassam al-

Dr. Bassam al-Talhouni is a Jordanian attorney, academic, and civil rights activist. He is the cofounder and managing partner of MidGlobe (Middle Eastern Advocates and Global Consultants), a law firm based in Amman. He specializes in private commercial law and intellectual property rights in the Middle East.


Al-Talhouni was born in Amman, Jordan in 1964. He undertook his legal studies at the University of Jordan, where he completed a Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) in 1987 and a Master of Law (LL.M.) in 1991. Al-Talhouni worked in the judiciary from 1988 until he was appointed lecturer in private commercial law at Isra University in 1991. In 1992 al-Talhouni co-founded MidGlobe with his brother Dr. Hussam al-Talhouni. In 1993 he joined the Jordanian Bar Association to become a practicing attorney. He continued to lecture at Isra and work for MidGlobe until 1993, when he left to pursue further academic studies at the University of Edinburgh. In 1996, after earning his doctorate with a thesis in commercial law, he returned to Jordan to become professor of commercial law at the University of Jordan, where he was appointed associate dean of the Faculty of Law in 2001. He continued to lecture at the university until 2004.


The protection of intellectual property rights is a novel introduction to the legal systems of developing countries. Jordan agreed to protect intellectual property (IP) rights when it acceded to the World Trade Organization in 1999. This development prompted al-Talhouni to found the Jordanian Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, a registered nongovernmental organization, in 2000; he headed the organization until 2004. In addition to his involvement with the Society, al-Talhouni participated in several conferences organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization, a United Nations institution, during which he presented papers on the promotion of IP rights in the Middle East. He writes regularly for local newspapers on issues relating to commercial law and intellectual property rights in Jordan, and has also contributed articles to a variety of academic journals. Al-Talhouni's promotion and efforts to safeguard IP rights in Jordan earned him an award from King abdullah ii in 2003.


Al-Talhouni's influence and contributions to the field of commercial law have been recognized beyond Jordan. In 2002–2003, he was designated the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Chair for the Teaching of Intellectual Property Rights: Copyright and Neighboring Rights. His appointment was made pursuant to an agreement signed between the University of Jordan and UNESCO that required the university to appoint a chair to oversee the application of UNESCO guidelines on intellectual property rights in Jordan. During his chairmanship, al-Talhouni ensured the enforcement of UNESCO's program on IP and participated in several conferences convened by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). He also created an LL.M. program at the end of 2002 that offers students at the University of Jordan the opportunity to specialize in the area of intellectual property.

In 2005 Al-Talhouni was selected to participate in the committee on legislation and justice of Jordan's National Agenda initiative, begun by King Abdullah II with the aim of setting guidelines, programs, and strategies to reform Jordan's political, educational, legal, social welfare, and state financial systems over the following decade, outlining policies to which successive governments would be committed. The suggestions of the National Agenda's eight committees were eventually published in 2006.


Al-Talhouni is an influential figure in Jordanian society, where he continues to promote the enforcement of the rule of law, particularly with regard to the protection of intellectual property rights. His efforts in that field may pave the way for Jordan to become a regional hub for foreign investments.


Name: Bassam al-Talhouni

Birth: 1964, Amman, Jordan

Family: Wife, Nadia Mousa; one daughter, Farah, and one son, Samir

Nationality: Jordanian

Education: University of Jordan, LL.B, 1987, and LL.M., 1991; University of Edinburgh, Ph.D., 1996


1991–1993: Lecturer at Isra University, Amman

1992: Founded MidGlobe law firm

1996–2004: Professor of commercial law, University of Jordan, Amman

2000–2004: Founds and heads Jordanian Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

2001–2004: Associate dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Jordan

2002–2003: UNESCO chair for the teaching of intellectual property rights: copyright and neighboring rights

2005: Member of the Committee on Legislation and Justice of Jordan's National Agenda


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