Talk of Angels

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Talk of Angels ★★ 1996 (PG-13)

Young Irish aristocrat Mary (Walker) leaves her homeland for Spain to serve as governess for a wealthy family, just as the country is about to erupt into civil war. She ignites passion in everyone she encounters, especially her married employer and his married son. This forbidden relationship serves as the crux of the story. Unfortunately, good looks alone (which both stars have) don't create chemistry, and Walker and Perez simply fizzle on screen. The film and its leads are certainly nice to look at, but there's something missing: an interesting story. With several obvious thefts from the ultimate wartime love story, “Gone With the Wind” (including a blatant rip-off of the famous scene where Scarlett walks among the sea of dead soldiers), the story is hardly original. 97m/C VHS, DVD . Polly Walker, Vincent Perez, Frances McDormand, Franco Nero, Marisa Paredes, Penelope Cruz, Ruth McCabe, Francesco Rabal, Ariadna Gil, Rossy de Palma; D: Nick Hamm; W: Ann Guedes, Frank McGuinness; C: Alexei Rodionov; M: Trevor Jones.