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in·ter·change • v. / ˌintərˈchānj/ [tr.] (of two or more people) exchange (things) with each other: superior and subordinates freely interchange ideas and information. ∎  put each of (two things) in the other's place: the terms are often interchanged. ∎  [intr.] (of a thing) be able to be exchanged with another: diesel units will interchange with the gasoline ones. • n. / ˈintərˌchānj/ 1. the action of interchanging things, esp. information: the interchange of ideas | a free-market interchange of goods and services. ∎  an exchange of words: listening in shock to this venomous interchange. 2. alternation: the interchange of woods and meadows. 3. a road junction designed on several levels so that traffic streams do not intersect. DERIVATIVES: in·ter·change·a·bil·i·ty / ˌintərˌchānjəˈbilitē/ n. in·ter·change·a·ble adj. in·ter·change·a·ble·ness n. in·ter·change·a·bly / -blē/ adv.

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interchangeFalange, flange •avenge, henge, revenge, Stonehenge •arrange, change, counterchange, estrange, exchange, grange, interchange, Lagrange, mange, part-exchange, range, short-change, strange •binge, cringe, fringe, hinge, impinge, singe, springe, swinge, syringe, tinge, twinge, whinge •challenge • orange • scavenge •lozenge • blancmange •lounge, scrounge •blunge, expunge, grunge, gunge, lunge, plunge, scunge, sponge

views updated

interchange vb. XIV. ME. enterchaunge — OF. entrechangier; see INTER-, CHANGE. Hence as sb. XVI.
So interchangeable (whence interchangeably) XIV. — OF.