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Katonda, the creator god worshiped by the Buganda people of East Africa, is considered the father of the gods as well as the king and judge of the universe. He has many different titles, including Kagingo (master of life), Gguluddene (the gigantic one), Namuginga (the shaper), and Ssewannaku (the eternal one).

ritual ceremony that follows a set pattern

According to the Buganda, Katonda rules over a vast number of spirits that help him run the universe. He ranks the spirits of the dead on the basis of their worthiness, making them advisers, warriors, and even slaves. Spirits that are ranked may return as animals to earth, where they are respected by humans. Unranked spirits are not allowed on earth, and the living perform rituals to keep them away. Katonda's main spirit helpers are Kibuka, the god of war, and Walumbe, the spirit of death. After organizing the spirit world and ranking the spirits, Katonda leaves his deputies to run the universe. He only becomes involved to act as a judge in very difficult matters involving the spirits.

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