Yrendagúe, Battle of

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Yrendagúe, Battle of

Battle of Yrendagúe, a conflict that took place at a small fort in Paraguay near the border with Bolivia during the Chaco War (1932–1935). The fighting occurred on 8 December 1934 and secured Paraguay's victory against Bolivia, its landlocked neighbor. Paraguayan General José Félix Estigarribia ordered Colonel Eugenio Garay to occupy Yrendagüe with support from his Eighth Division. The numerically inferior Paraguayan forces marched on foot for about fifty miles to the fort. Once they captured Yrendagüe, the Bolivians lost access to all of the water wells in the area. Water was extremely scarce in that region of the Chaco, and, as a result, 4,000 Bolivian cavalry troops were forced to surrender and perhaps twice that number died of thirst.

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