Youssef, Mulay

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Alawi sultan of Morocco, 19121927.

The ouster by France of Youssef's predecessor, Mulay Abd al-Hafiz, signaled the subordination of the Moroccan sultanate to French colonialism and a serious loss of prestige by the Moroccan ruling house. Mulay Youssef's reign was marked largely by the implementation of the Treaty of Fes (March 1912) and the aggressive administration of French rule by the resident general, Marshal Louis Lyautey, who held office from 1912 to 1925. The period of Youssef's reign also witnessed several significant movements against colonial rule, the most important of which was that of Abd al-Karim (al-Khattabi) in the Rif region from 1919 to 1926.

see also fes, treaty of (1912); khattabi, muhammad ibn abd al-karim al-; lyautey, louis-hubert gonzalve.


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