Yataity Corã, Conference of

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Yataity Corã, Conference of

Conference of Yataity Corã, an abortive peace conference that took place on 12 September 1866 during the War of the Triple Alliance (1864–1870). The Paraguayan army, led by President Francisco Solano López, had experienced a series of reverses in 1866, notably its defeat at the battle of Tuyutí in May. López was therefore anxious to end the war on honorable terms or, at the very least, to gain time to prepare further defenses. Arrangements were made for a personal interview in the land between the Paraguayan and Brazilian lines. There, López met with the Argentine commander, Bartolomé Mitre. The meeting was a study in contrasts between the splendor of López's uniform and the rough informality of Mitre's attire. Although their conversation was evidently amicable, López was disappointed to find that the Argentines and their Brazilian allies had no intention of giving up the fight while López remained in power in Paraguay. Their efforts frustrated, the two men departed and the war began anew, leading ten days later to a horrendous defeat for the Allies at Curupayty and four more years of fighting.

See alsoLópez, Francisco Solano; Mitre, Bartolomé; War of the Triple Alliance.


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