Veiga, Evaristo Ferreira da (1799–1837)

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Veiga, Evaristo Ferreira da (1799–1837)

Evaristo Ferreira da Veiga (b. 8 October 1799; d. 12 May 1837), Brazilian journalist and politician. Veiga was a newspaper owner, writer, and congressional deputy elected for three consecutive terms to represent the state of Minas Gerais. As a political propagandist he was influential in promoting the cause of Brazil's independence from Portugal, declared by Pedro I in 1822. Famed for his comment, "We want a constitution, not a revolution," Veiga represented the nationalist interests of Brazil's agro-exporting sector. Once the constitution was promulgated in 1824, Veiga pressed for its execution, arguing that it would be interpreted from a liberal standpoint. Veiga supported independence and the abdication of Pedro I in favor of Pedro's native-born son as measures that would increase the political power of the Brazilian elite and ensure ready access to international markets. His views were propagated through his newspaper Aurora Fluminense (1827–1835). Veiga was also the founder of the Sociedade Defensora da Liberdade e da Independéncia Nacional (Society for the Defense of National Liberty and Independence), one of three major political groups during the regency that followed the abdication of Pedro I in favor of six-year-old Pedro II in 1831. Veiga is held to have been responsible for many of the regents' decisions, most notably the creation of the National Guard as a force that could confront local armies and militias and contain regional unrest.

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