Treaty of Protection (1886)

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British treaty made with south Arabian rulers.

This formal treaty of friendship and protection between Britain and the rulers of Qishn and Socotra in 1886 was followed by similar treaties with the rulers of the other states along the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and with the major tribal shaykhs of the interior that were deemed crucial to the security and commerce of Aden. Designed to end growing threats posed by the Ottoman Turks in North Yemen and by other European imperial powers, these treaties were a major step toward the creation of the Aden Protectorates and the binding of Aden to the interior territories in modern times. The local rulers traded control of foreign policy for British protection and modest subsidies. Between 1886 and 1895, Britain signed treaties with the Aqrabis, Lower Aulaqis, Fadhlis, Hawshabis, Alawis, Lower Yafais, and some of the Wahidis.

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Treaty of Protection (1886)

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