Soler, Andrés, Domingo, and Fernando

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Soler, Andrés, Domingo, and Fernando

Andrés, Domingo, and Fernando Soler (b. 1899, 1902, 24 May 1900; d. 1969, 1961, 25 October 1979), Mexican film and stage actors. Three pillars of Mexican theater, altogether, the Soler brothers starred in over 200 films. They were key players in the "golden age" of Mexican cinema. Andrés and Domingo Soler served as character and secondary actors in such films as Doña Bárbara (1943), Historia de un gran amor (1942), La barraca (1944), and Si yo fuera diputado (1951). Fernando Soler had leading roles in the films Rosenda (1948), La oveja negra (1949), México de mis recuerdos (1943), Una familia de tantas (1948), and Sensualidad (1950), and received the Ariel from the Mexican film academy in 1951 for best performance by an actor. The Solers constitute one of the few family dynasties of Mexican cinema.

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