Skinner, George Ure (1804–1867)

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Skinner, George Ure (1804–1867)

George Ure Skinner (b. 18 March 1804; d. 9 January 1867), British merchant in Guatemala. The son of a Scottish Episcopal minister and great-grandson of an ecclesiastical historian of Scotland, Skinner worked in London and in Leeds before going to Guatemala in 1831. The company he formed with Charles Klée, a German merchant, linked Guatemalan commerce closely with Great Britain, via Belize, and became a major creditor of the Guatemalan government. In addition to building a large estate based on indigo and cochineal exports from Guatemala, Skinner became a noted naturalist; he was interested in insects, birds, and orchids, and shipped many of the latter to England. He died in Panama of yellow fever as he was returning from England.

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Skinner, George Ure (1804–1867)

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