Samanez Ocampo, David (1866–1947)

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Samanez Ocampo, David (1866–1947)

David Samanez Ocampo (b. 1866; d. 1947), landowner, provincial leader of Nicolás de Piérola's Democratic Party, and president of a provisional government in Peru between March and December 1931. Born in Huambo, Samanez Ocampo was elected deputy of the province of Antabamba, Apurímac. In 1909 he rebelled against the first government of Augusto B. Leguía and later supported President Guillermo Billinghurst (1912–1914). In political retirement by the time Colonel Luis M. Sánchez Cerro was forced to resign as de facto president in March 1931, Samanez Ocampo was selected to head a transitional government that held presidential and congressional elections in October 1931. Samanez Ocampo's government partially adopted some of adviser Edwin W. Kemmerer's economic recommendations. Samanez Ocampo retired again from national politics when Sánchez Cerro assumed power after the contested elections of 1931.

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Samanez Ocampo, David (1866–1947)

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