Ruíz, Henry (1940–)

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Ruíz, Henry (1940–)

A former member of the Sandinista National Directorate, Henry Ruíz joined the movement in 1967 and supported prolonged popular war under the code name "Modesto." In December 1974 he participated in a Christmastime raid on the house of a cotton exporter. In July 1979 he became minister of planning and designed a mixed economy. In 1985 he became minister of external cooperation and traveled widely in Europe and Africa.

See alsoNicaragua, Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) .


Primary Work

"La montaña era como un crisol donde se forjaban los mejores cuadros." Nicaráuac 1 (1980): 17-18.

Secondary Work

García Márquez, Gabriel, ed. Los Sandinistas. Bogotá, Colombia, Editorial Oveja Negra, 1979.

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Ruíz, Henry (1940–)

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