Rosáins, Juan Nepomuceno (1782–1830)

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Rosáins, Juan Nepomuceno (1782–1830)

Juan Nepomuceno Rosáins (b. 13 February 1782, d. 27 September 1830), Mexican insurgent leader. Born in San Juan de los Llanos, Rosáins was a lawyer who joined the insurgency in 1812 and eventually became the auditor general of the army. After Mariano Matamoros (1770–1814) was captured, José María Morelos y Pavón (1765–1815) named Rosáins his second in command (1814). From the outset, Rosáins had conflicts with other insurgents and acted arbitrarily. Defeated and imprisoned by his companions in the Barranca de Jamapa, he escaped and won amnesty from the colonial regime. In 1815, he presented the viceroy, Félix María Calleja Del Rey, with a report on the insurgency with recommendations for defeating it. In 1821 he supported the Plan of Iguala promulgated by Agustín de Iturbide (1783–1824), and in 1824 he was elected senator from Puebla. He later conspired against President Anastasio Bustamante (1780–1853) and was shot as a traitor.

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Rosáins, Juan Nepomuceno (1782–1830)

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