Reyes Villa, Manfred (1956–)

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Reyes Villa, Manfred (1956–)

Bolivian politician Manfred Reyes, running as an outsider, lost the 2002 presidential elections by less than 2 percent. Born in La Paz, he served in the military before entering politics. He was mayor of Cochabamba from 1993 to 2002, formed the New Republican Force (NFR) in 1995, and sparked the "water wars" of 2000. He entered a governing coalition with the Nationalist Revolutionary Movement (MNR), but his withdrawal in 2003 precipitated the president's resignation. Rather than run again in 2005, he supported Jorge Quiroga for president and successfully ran for the Cochabamba prefecture.

See alsoBolivia, Political Parties: Nationalist Revolutionary Movement (MNR); Bolivia, Political Parties: Overview; Cochabamba.


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Reyes Villa, Manfred (1956–)

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