Rey, Bret

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REY, Bret

REY, Bret. British, b. 1918. Genres: Westerns/Adventure. Publications: Birth of a Gunman, 1985; Stranger in Town, 1987; Hold-Up, 1987; Ned Butler, Bounty Hunter, 1988; Railroad Robbers, 1988; Arizona Ambush, 1989; Trouble Valley, 1989; The Killing Game, 1990; Runaway, 1990; Arizona Breakout, 1990; Black Day in Woodville, 1991; Marshal without a Badge, 1991; Gunsmoke in a Colorado Canyon, 1991; Texas Pilgrim, 1992; Half-Way to Hell, 1992; The Devil Rode a Pinto, 1993; Guns and Gold, 1993; A Bullet for Darwen, 1993; Marshal Dick Blaine, 1994; Battle at Rocky Creek, 1994; A Killing in Horseshoe Bend, 1994; Outlaw's Woman, 1995; West of the Brazos, 1995; Kill Conway, 1996. Address: c/o Robert Hale Ltd, Clerkenwell House, 45-47 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0HT, England.

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Rey, Bret

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