Parti National

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moroccan political party.

Established in April 1937 by the bulk of Morocco's nationalist leadership (except Muhammad al-Wazzani and his followers) after the French authorities dissolved the Comité d'Action Marocaine (CAM), the Parti National, to show continuity with the CAM, located its headquarters in the same premises, in Fez. Organizationally, it was similar as well, consisting of an executive committee, a national council, local branches, and party cells. Its program was the implementation of a new French protectorate as a step toward full independence. It also campaigned against the power of rural chieftains, especially Glawi Pasha.

The French authorities cracked down on the party in the fall of 1937, arresting many of its leaders, most of whom were exiled. Nevertheless, clandestine party cells continued to function. Following his release in 1938, Ahmad Muhammad Lyazidi assumed leadership of the movement. In 1941, a reorganized supreme council was formed by Ahmad Maqwar and Lyazidi; the establishment of party branches followed the landing of Allied forces in 1942. Ahmad Balfarej was allowed to return from Paris in January 1943, and at the end of the year, together with the exiled Allal al-Fasi, reconstituted the party as the Istiqlal.

see also comité d'action marocaine (cam); fasi, allal al-; istiqlal party: morocco.

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