Parti D'Unité Populaire (PUP)

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opposition political party in tunisia.

The Parti d'Unité Populaire (Party of Popular Unity), one of the six legal opposition parties in Tunisia, was an offshoot of the Mouvement pour l'Unité Populaire (MUP) founded in Paris in 1973 by Ahmed Ben Salah. In 1981 a rift between the Paris-based group and its Tunisian branch was formalized with the creation of a second Movement of Popular Unity (often called MUP-II). In 1985 it was renamed the Parti d'Unité Populaire (PUP). In 1999 Mohamed Bel Haj Amor, PUP secretary general, entered the first presidential elections in Tunisia to allow more than one candidate but lost. In 2000 Amor was succeeded as the head of the PUP by Mohamed Bouchiha.


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