Parti Démocratique Constitutionnel (PDC)

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moroccan political party founded in 1937.

The Parti Démocratique Constitutionnel (PDC) was founded by Muhammad Hassan al-Wazzani (Ouezzani) as the result of a split with the Bloc d'Action National owing to personal differences between Allal al-Fasi and Wazzani, as well as disagreements over negotiating strategies with the French authorities. The PDC remained a small group, more of a political club than a party, centered on Wazzani's followers and friends. After World War II, it cooperated periodically with the Istiqlal Party and in 1953 and 1954 joined the National Front, which opposed the continuation of the French protectorate. In 1958, it merged with the Parti Démocratique de l'Indépendance (PDI); in 1963 it operated within the Front pour la Défense des Institutions Constitutionnelles (FDIC).

see also fasi, allal al-; front pour la défense des institutions constitutionelles (fdic); istiqlal party: morocco: overview; parti démocratique de l'indépendance (pdi); wazzani, muhammad hassan al-.

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