Montalvo y Ambulodi Arriola y Casabente Valdespino, Francisco (1754–1822)

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Montalvo y Ambulodi Arriola y Casabente Valdespino, Francisco (1754–1822)

Francisco Montalvo y Ambulodi Arriola y Casabente Valdespino (b. 18 May 1754; d. 1822), viceroy of New Granada. A Cuban-born noble, Francisco Montalvo had an active military career before being named captain-general of New Granada in 1812. He reached a royalist-held section of the Caribbean coast of New Granada in mid-1813. Following the arrival of the expeditionary force under Pablo Morillo in 1815, Montalvo entered Cartagena, which remained his headquarters even after the position of viceroy was reestablished and he was named to it. Montalvo sought to limit the rigors of repression imposed on the defeated by Morillo and by Juan Sámano, whom Morillo established as military governor in the interior. However, Montalvo had scant success, for his authority in most of the colony was little more than nominal. Succeeded as viceroy by Sámano in March 1818, Montalvo departed for Cuba and then Spain, where he died.

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Montalvo y Ambulodi Arriola y Casabente Valdespino, Francisco (1754–1822)

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Montalvo y Ambulodi Arriola y Casabente Valdespino, Francisco (1754–1822)