Monagas, José Tadeo (1785–1868)

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Monagas, José Tadeo (1785–1868)

José Tadeo Monagas (b. 28 October 1785; d. 18 November 1868), president of Venezuela (1847–1851, 1855–1858). Monagas, who fought in the wars of independence, became a powerful regional leader in eastern Venezuela. In 1831, he led an abortive rebellion against President José Antonio Páez. Four years later, he took part in the failed Revolution of Reform.

Despite rifts with Páez, the latter allowed Monagas to succeed Carlos Soublette as president in 1847. In 1848, Monagas shifted to the Liberal faction when he dismissed Conservatives from his cabinet. The National Congress attempted to censure Monagas, but on 24 January 1848 violence broke out and several deputies died in the fighting. Monagas immediately assumed dictatorial powers.

In 1851, Monagas chose his brother, José Gregorio, as his successor. The latter met one Liberal objective in 1854 when he emancipated the slaves. In 1855, José Tadeo returned as president. A revolt in 1858 led by moderate Liberals and Conservatives under General Julián Castro ended the Monagas dictatorship. Monagas fled to the French embassy. Threats to remove him from the embassy led to an international crisis. French and British gunships eventually guaranteed international protocol, and enabled Monagas to leave Venezuela under a safe conduct pass issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wenceslao Urrutia.

In 1864, Monagas returned to Venezuela, and as a leader of the unsuccessful Blue faction, tried to restore his power. In 1868, he entered Caracas and proclaimed a short-lived presidency that lasted one month. He died shortly after his defeat.

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