Gestido, Oscar Daniel (1901–1967)

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Gestido, Oscar Daniel (1901–1967)

Oscar Daniel Gestido (b. 28 November 1901; d. 6 December 1967), Uruguayan military leader and president (1967). Gestido was born to a middle-class family in Montevideo. He began his military career in 1917 in the artillery. Beginning in 1923, he played an active role in organizing the Uruguayan Air Force. Between 1951 and 1955 he held the post of inspector general of the army. He later retired from the military, beginning his political career at a time of profound crisis in Uruguay. During the nationalist governments, Gestido had demonstrated skill in the administration of public bodies such as PLUNA, the state airline (1949–1951), and AFE, the state railroad (1957–1959). From 1963 to 1966 he was a member of the National Council of Government.

Gestido's image was one of honesty, which contrasted with the ever-more tarnished reputations of most politicians at the time. In 1966, the Colorado Front of Unity (List 515) was formed to support Gestido's successful presidential campaign. However, he died only nine months into his term, which was completed by his vice president, Jorge Pacheco Areco.

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