Get Real

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Get Real ★★½ 1999 (R)

Gay coming of age tale about Brit suburban teen, Steven (Silverstone), deciding to come out of the closet. Steven's only confidante is fellow outsider Linda (Brittain). Then he has an unexpected encounter with popular jock John (Gorton), who's confused about his sexuality and terrified that anyone will suspect he's gay, even to the point of helping his jock buddies gaybash Steven. Eventually, Steven decides secrecy is not worth the pain. Good performances in a somewhat selfconscious drama. Adapted from Wilde's play “What's Wrong with Angry?” 111m/C VHS, DVD . GB Ben Silverstone, Brad Gorton, Charlotte Brittain, Stacy A. Hart, Kate McEnery, Jacquetta May, David Lumsden, Louise J. Taylor, Tim Harris; D: Simon Shore; W: Patrick Wilde; C: Alan Almond; M: John Lunn.