Get Carter 1971

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Get Carter ★★★ 1971 (R)

Tough and stylish crime drama that has gained in stature since its release. Small-timer London hood Jack Carter (Caine) arrives in Newcastle determined to find out who killed his brother. After meeting local crime boss Cyril Kinnear (Osborne), Carter is told to go back home and leave things alone. But he doesn't and things (and the film) don't turn out exactly as expected. Caine shows just how ruthless he can make a character. Film debut for director Hodges. Based on the novel “Jack's Return Home” by Ted Lewis. Remade in 1972 as “Hit Man” and in 2000. 112m/C VHS, DVD . GB Michael Caine, Ian Hendry, John Osborne, Geraldine Moffatt, Glynn Edwards, Dorothy White, Petra Markham, Bryan Mosley, Britt Ekland, Tony Beckley, George Sewell, Alun Armstrong, Bernard Hepton, Terence Rigby; D: Mike Hodges; W: Mike Hodges; C: Wolfgang Suschitzky; M: Roy Budd.