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Bimini (Biminis), a large cay and two small islands running southward approximately fifty miles from the east coast of Florida. It is a popular tourist site, especially for sailing and fishing. Local legends suggest that the mythological Atlantis lies submerged beyond North Bimini, while others state that it is the site of Ponce de León's Fountain of Youth. With a total land area of only nine square miles, Bimini is home to about 1,700 inhabitants. It is part of the Bahama archipelago and has two main settlements: Alice Town and Bailey Town. Alice Town is the site of the Lerner Marine Laboratory, operated by the American Museum of Natural History and is the place where Ernest Hemingway wrote his novel Islands in the Stream.

See alsoBahamas, Commonwealth of the .


One of the best general surveys is Bahamas Handbook (annual). See also James E. Moore, Pelican Guide to the Bahamas (1980).

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