Bilsker, Richard L. 1968-

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BILSKER, Richard L. 1968-


Born April 2, 1968, in New Brunswick, NJ; son of Jack (self-employed) and Shirley (a receptionist and homemaker; maiden name, Pfeffer) Bilsker; married Karen Janowsky (a teacher, librarian, and writer), June 17, 1995. Ethnicity: "White." Education: Broward Community College, A.A. (with honors), 1987; Florida Atlantic University, B.A., 1989, Ph.D., 1994. Politics: Democrat. Religion: "None." Hobbies and other interests: Popular culture.


Office—Department of Fine Arts and Humanities, College of Southern Maryland, 8730 Mitchell Rd., P.O. Box 910, La Plata, MD 20636. E-mail—[email protected].


Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, instructor, 1990-94; Community College of Rhode Island, Warwick, RI, adjunct professor of philosophy, 1994-95; College of Southern Maryland, La Plata, MD, professor of philosophy and social sciences, 1995—. St. Mary's College of Maryland, adjunct professor, 1997—.


American Philosophical Association, American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy, Schopenhauer Association (North American Division), Maryland Community College Philosophy and Religion Association (vice president, 2001-02).


On Jung, Wadsworth (Belmont, CA), 2002.

On Bergson, Wadsworth (Belmont, CA), 2002.

Contributor of articles and reviews to periodicals, including Idealistic Studies.


On the Philosophy of Law, for Wadsworth (Belmont, CA); On Sociology, with Maria Bryant, Wadsworth (Belmont, CA); On Technology, with Maria Bryant, Wadsworth (Belmont, CA).


Richard L. Bilsker told CA: "I have a wide variety of interdisciplinary interests and teach courses in multiple subject areas. My teaching interests have led me to pursue writing in areas that cross disciplinary boundaries. After learning about the 'Wadsworth Philosophers Series' of books, I inquired as to whether there were any authors I could write about for the series. After the first draft of On Jung, I agreed to do several more books for Wadsworth.

"I write with the general audience in mind, but I hope to have something to say to people in my field as well. I am pleased when friends, colleagues, family members, and students tell me that my writing 'sounds like' me. It is my hope that I can interest people in spending time further exploring the topics I write about. I found the same qualities in the professors of mine who also wrote. There is no reason that something to be said cannot be said well. I look forward to completing my current projects and moving on to new subjects."