Billy Jack

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Billy Jack ★★ 1971 (PG)

On an Arizona Indian reservation, a half-breed exGreen Beret with pugnacious martial arts skills (Laughlin) stands between a rural town and a school for runaways. Laughlin stars with his real-life wife Taylor. Features the thenhit song “One Tin Soldier,” sung by Coven. The movie and its marketing by Laughlin inspired a “Billy Jack” cult phenomenon. A Spanish-dubbed version of this film is also available. Followed by a sequel in 1974, “Trail of Billy Jack,” which bombed. 112m/C VHS, DVD . Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor, Clark Howat, Bert Freed, Julie Webb, Victor Izay, Teresa Kelly, Lynn Baker, Stan Rice, Howard Hesseman; D: Tom Laughlin; W: Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor; C: Fred W. Koenekamp, John Stephens; M: Mundell Lowe.