Baralt, Rafael María (1810–1860)

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Baralt, Rafael María (1810–1860)

Rafael María Baralt (b. 3 July 1810; d. 4 January 1860), Venezuelan writer and historian. After spending his childhood in Santo Domingo, Baralt returned to Venezuela in 1821. His first task as a historian was to accompany Santiago Mariño on the western campaign and organize and publish the documents pertaining to it. During the administration of José Antonio Páez, he traveled to Caracas and mingled with the intellectuals of the city. He joined the Economic Society of the Friends of the Country and participated with Agustín Codazzi in editing the Resumen de la geografía de Venezuela (1841) and the Atlas físico y político de Venezuela (1840). He also prepared one of his best-known works, the Resumen de la historia de Venezuela, published in Paris in 1841. The government placed Baralt in charge of studying the border disputes with British Guiana.

In September 1841 Baralt left for Europe, working in the Spanish archives and making connections in the Spanish literary world. He settled permanently in Spain, where he was intensely active intellectually and published numerous works. In 1853 Baralt was elected a regular member of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, and he held important public posts in Spain. He was director of the official periodical, Gaceta de Madrid, and administrator of the National Printing House.

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Baralt, Rafael María (1810–1860)

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