Baranowicz, David Eliezer

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BARANOWICZ, DAVID ELIEZER (1859–1915), Hebraist. Baranowicz, who was born in Vilna, lived in great poverty. He wrote several books on Hebrew grammar which were well received and published in several editions. He wrote the following books: Oraḥ Selulah le-Dikduk Sefat Ever (1883) on Hebrew grammar with an appendix in Yiddish on vocalization; Luḥot ha-Pe'alim (1889); Kunteres Yefalles Nativ (1909), which is an abridgment of his major unpublished work by the same name containing a critique of the Hebrew grammarian Koestlin's Sefer ha-Maslul ("Book of the Path") and of the methods of the ancient Hebrew grammarians; Derekh Ḥadashah le-Ve'ur Kitvei ha-Kodesh ("A New Way to Explain the Holy Scripture," 1910), a commentary on the Scriptures based upon a grammatical approach. His best-known works are Messibbot ha-Shem ("Rules of the Noun") and Messibbot ha-Po'al ("Rules of the Verb") which contain analyses of the Hebrew nouns and verbs (last edition, 1945). He also edited several books of Hebrew grammar. His autobiography was printed in Ha-Toren 3 (1915), 226–7.


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