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tee1 / / • n. see T1 (sense 2).tee2 • n. 1. a cleared space on a golf course, from which the ball is struck at the beginning of play for each hole. ∎  a small peg with a concave head that can be placed in the ground to support a golf ball before it is struck from such an area. ∎  Football a small stand on which the ball is placed for a placekick. ∎  a waist-high or higher stand used in tee-ball to hold a baseball before it is hit with a bat.2. a mark aimed at in lawn bowling, quoits, curling, and other similar games.• v. (tees, teed, tee·ing) [intr.] (usu. tee up) Golf place the ball on a tee ready to make the first stroke of the round or hole: he had not missed a par as he teed up for the last hole | [tr.] she fished in her pocket for a ball and teed it. ∎  [tr.] place (something) in position, esp. to be struck: a shining white radar dome was teed up on top of the mountain.PHRASAL VERBS: tee off Golf play the ball from a tee; begin a round or hole of golf: we spend ten minutes practicing putting before we tee off. ∎ inf. make a start on something.tee off on someone/something inf. sharply attack someone or something: he will tee off on conservative politicians Chang teed off on his opponent's serve.tee someone off (usu. be teed off) inf. make someone angry or annoyed: Tommy was really teed off at Ernie.tee3 • n. inf. a T-shirt.