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ro·bust / rōˈbəst; ˈrōˌbəst/ • adj. (-bust·er, -bust·est) (of a person, animal, or plant) strong and healthy; vigorous: the Caplans are a robust, healthy lot. ∎  (of an object) sturdy in construction: a robust metal cabinet. ∎  (of a process or system, esp. an economic one) able to withstand or overcome adverse conditions: California's robust property market. ∎  (of an intellectual approach or the person taking or expressing it) not perturbed by or attending to subtleties or difficulties; uncompromising and forceful: the country's decision to bow to UN pressure was preceded by a robust defense of its policies he took quite a robust view of my case. ∎  (of action) involving physical force or energy: a robust game of rugby. ∎  (of wine or food) strong and rich in flavor or smell.DERIVATIVES: ro·bust·ly·bust·ness n.ORIGIN: mid 16th cent.: from Latin robustus ‘firm and hard,’ from robus, earlier form of robur ‘oak, strength.’