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roar·ing / ˈrôring/ • adj. 1. (of a person, crowd, or animal) making a loud and deep sound, esp. as an expression of pain, anger, or approval: he was greeted everywhere with roaring crowds. ∎  (of something inanimate, esp. a natural phenomenon) making a loud, deep, or harsh prolonged sound: a swollen, roaring river. ∎  (of a fire) burning fiercely and noisily. ∎  (of a period of time) characterized by optimism, buoyancy, or excitement: the roaring twenties. ∎  (of business) lively; brisk: cafes that do a roaring trade. ∎ chiefly archaic behaving or living in a noisy riotous manner.2. inf. obviously or unequivocally the thing mentioned (used for emphasis): the final week of Hamlet was a roaring success | two roaring drunk firemen. DERIVATIVES: roar·ing·ly adv.

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