Roazen, Paul

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ROAZEN, Paul. American, b. 1936. Genres: Politics/Government, Psychology, Biography. Career: York University, Toronto, associate professor, 1971- 74, professor of social and political science, 1971-95, professor emeritus, 1995-. With Dept. of Government, Harvard University, 1965-71. Publications: Freud: Political and Social Thought, 1968; Brother Animal: The Story of Freud and Tausk, 1969; (ed.) Sigmund Freud, 1973; Freud and His Followers, 1975; Erik H. Erikson: The Power and Limits of a Vision, 1976; Helene Deutsch: A Psychoanalyst's Life, 1985; Encountering Freud: The Politics and Histories of Psychoanalysis, 1990; Meeting Freud's Family, 1993; Freud's Patients: First-Hand Accounts, 1995; Canada's King: An Essay in Political Psychology, 1998; Oedipus in Britain: Edward Glover and the Struggle over Klein, 2000; Political Theory and the Psychology of the Unconscious, 2000; The Historiography of Psychoanalysis, 2001; The Trauma of Freud, 2002; Cultural Foundations of Political Psychology, 2003. Editor of collections. Address: 73 Prince St, Cambridge, MA 02139, U.S.A.