Robb, David 1947–

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Robb, David 1947-


Born August 23, 1947, in London, England; raised in Edinburgh, Scotland; married Briony McRoberts (an actress). Education: Trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama.




Film Appearances:

Alex Zendor, The Swordsman (also known as Zapper's Blade of Vengeance), Twentieth Century-Fox/J. Arthur Rank, 1974.

Second lieutenant Winters, Conduct Unbecoming, Allied Artists, 1975.

Narrator, Kopjes: A Rock for All Seasons (documentary; also known as Kobjes: A Rock for All Seasons), Films Incorporated, 1980, broadcast on television as Survival Special: Kobjes-Islands in a Sea of Grass.

Major Terry, The Wars, Spectrafilm, 1983.

George Anglesmith, The Deceivers, Cinecom International Films, 1988.

Dr. Dietrich Berger, Swing Kids, Buena Vista, 1993.

King Richard, Hellbound, Cannon, 1993.

Voice of Ginger, Famous Fred (animated musical short film), [Great Britain], 1996.

Lord Vanbrugh, The House of Angelo, 1997.

Dr. McIntyre, Regeneration (also known as Behind the Lines and Renaissance), Alliance Releasing, 1998.

Dr. Livesy, Treasure Island, Columbia/TriStar, 1999.

Television Appearances; Series:

Germanicus, I, Claudius, BBC-2, 1976, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, 1977.

Robin Grant, The Flame Trees of Thika, Euston Films, 1981, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, 1982.

Captain Charles Tennant, Fanny by Gaslight, BBC, 1982.

Andrew Fraser, First among Equals, Granada Television, 1986, also PBS and syndicated, 1987.

Charles, Up the Garden Path, Independent Television (England), 1990.

Andrew Menzies, Strathblair, BBC Scotland, 1992-93.

Henry Reeve-Jones, Casualty, BBC, 1995-96.

Mike Loomis, Headless, Channel 5 (England), beginning 2000.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Donald Davidson, The Glittering Prizes, BBC-2, 1976.

Edgar Linton, Wuthering Heights, BBC-2, 1978.

Sir Lancelot, The Legend of King Arthur (also known as King Arthur), BBC and Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1979, broadcast as Morte d'Arthur, BBC, 1984, then on Once upon a Classic, PBS, 1985.

David Senior, Forgive Our Foolish Ways, BBC, 1980.

Sallust, The Last Days of Pompeii, ABC, 1984.

Per Anger, Wallenberg: A Hero's Story (also known as Wallenberg), NBC, 1985.

De Forrestiere, The Man Who Lived at the Ritz, Harmony Premiere Network and syndicated, 1988.

Ralph, Some Other Spring, Harlech Television, 1988.

Shane O'Neill, To Be the Best, CBS, 1991.

Captain Willie O'Shea, Parnell & the Englishwoman, BBC, 1991, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, c. 1992.

Michael Heseltine and Alan Barrett, Screen Two: Half the Picture Scenes from the Scott "Arms to Iraq" Inquiry (also known as Half the Picture), BBC, 1994.

Fergus Urvill, The Crow Road, BBC Scotland, 1996.

Fergus Campbell, In the Company of Strangers, [Wales], 1999.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Thomas Willoughby, The Four Feathers, NBC, 1978.

Premiere: Something's Wrong, BBC-2, 1978.

Prince Charles, Charles & Diana: A Royal Love Story, ABC, 1982.

Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, CBS, 1982.

Ross Fleming, Dreams Lost, Dreams Found, Showtime, 1987.

Lieutenant Karl Pressler, Freedom Fighter (also known as Wall of Tyranny), NBC, 1988.

Ian Stewart, The Princess Stallion, Showtime, 1997.

Dr. Lyle Wexler, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, HBO, 2004.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Brian Curtis, "French without Tears," Play of the Month, BBC, 1976.

(Uncredited) Tybalt, Romeo and Juliet, 1976.

John Watherstone, "The Winslow Boy," Play of the Month, BBC, 1977.

The Caledonian Cascade, [Great Britain], 1977.

Angel Gabriel, "King Robert of Sicily," Playhouse, BBC, 1978.

Duke of Hamilton, "Hess," Saturday Drama, Scottish Television, 1978.

Peter Crosby, "Destiny," Play for Today, BBC, 1978.

Truth or Consequence (also known as Scorpion Tales), Associated Television, 1978.

Laertes, "Hamlet, Prince of Denmark" (also known as "Hamlet"), BBC Television Shakespeare (also known as The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare), BBC-2, 1980, also broadcast on PBS.

Robert Caplan, "Dangerous Corner," Play of the Month, BBC, 1983.

Colonel Mustard, "Christmas Special," Cluedo (also known as Clue), Independent Television (England), 1990.

2004: The Stupid Version, BBC-3, 2004.

Voice, The Shape of the Future (documentary), Israeli Channel 8 (Israel), Ma'an Independent Network (Palestine), and Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC, Palestine), 2005.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Tim, Intimate Strangers, London Weekend Television, 1974.

Lieutenant Dean, "Quiet Run Ashore," Warship, BBC, 1976.

Sir Nigel Marsham, "Close of Play: Parts 1 & 2," The Cedar Tree, Independent Television (England), 1976.

James Laughton, "The Family Business: Parts 1-3," Crown Court, Granada Television, 1977.

James Laughton, "A Ladies' Man: Parts 1-3," Crown Court, Granada Television, 1977.

Major Biggins, "New Deal," Wings, BBC, 1977.

Philip Hambleton, "Dorabella," Supernatural, BBC, 1977.

Clayton, "Hazell Meets the First Eleven," Hazell, Independent Television, 1978.

Paul Dalgetty, "Opposite Numbers," The Sandbaggers, Yorkshire Television, 1978.

Paul Dalgetty, "Who Needs Enemies," The Sandbaggers, Yorkshire Television, 1978.

Quentin Kennedy, "Hunting-tower Part 1," Huntingtower, BBC Scotland, 1978.

Swann, "Not Just Pennies," Out, Euston Films and Thames Television, 1978.

James Laughton, "Foul Play: Parts 1-3," Crown Court, Granada Television, 1981.

Vincent Rhodes, "Paint Me a Murder," Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense, [Great Britain], 1986.

Jack MacFarlane, "Love Knot," Taggart, Independent Television, 1990.

Dr. Cairns, "You Always Hurt the One You Love," Takin' over the Asylum, BBC, 1994.

Voice of Brutus, "Julius Caesar," Shakespeare: The Animated Tales, HBO, 1994.

Kalas, "Methos," Highlander (also known as Highlander: The Series), syndicated, 1995.

Kalas, "Song of the Executioner," Highlander (also known as Highlander: The Series), syndicated, 1995.

Kalas, "Star-Crossed," Highlander (also known as Highlander: The Series), syndicated, 1995.

Kalas, "Finale: Parts 1 & 2," Highlander (also known as Highlander: The Series), syndicated, 1995.

James Mitchell, "Berserker," Taggart, Independent Television, 1997.

Major Frank Russell, "Siege: Parts 1 & 2," The Broker's Man, BBC, 1997.

Hugh Murray, Queen's counsel, "Neighbours from Hell," Verdict, Yorkshire Television, 1998.

Alan White, "Zero Tolerance," The Bill, Independent Television, 2000.

Charles McKillop, "Beyond the Grave," Midsomer Murders, Independent Television, BBC, and Arts and Entertainment, 2000.

Guy Foxton, "No Man's Land," Heartbeat (also known as Classic Heartbeat), Independent Television, 2002.

Henry Reeve-Jones, "Collision Course," Casualty, BBC, 2003.

John Rennie, "The Bell Rock Lighthouse," Seven Wonders of the Industrial World, BBC, 2003.

Mr. Owen, "Just Can't Give Up," Footballers' Wives (also known as Footballers' Wive$, Femme$ de footballeurs, Fotbollsfruar, Mujeres de futbolistas, and Noppen en naaldhakken), Independent Television, 2003.

Narrator, "Aircraft Carrier," Modern Marvels, History Channel, 2003.

Deputy chief inspector Bill Wicklow, "226," The Bill, Independent Television, 2004.

Deputy chief inspector Bill Wicklow, "227," The Bill, Independent Television, 2004.

Humphrey Pegg, "These Foolish Things," The Courtroom, Channel 4 (England), 2004.

Keith Scott, "Turning Back the Clock," Doctors, BBC, 2004.

Klaus Neuman, Proof (also known as Proof 2 and Beviset), BBC, 2004 (multiple episodes).

John Ferguson, "The Ties That Bind," Taggart, Independent Television, 2005.

Daniel Raeburn, "The Black Book," Rebus, Independent Television, 2006.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Jason Stockwell, "Outpost," CBS Summer Playhouse, CBS, 1989.

Television Appearances; Other:

The History Makers: Medieval England—The Peasants' Revolt, 1982.

Tom, Off Peak, Scottish Television, 1983.

Stage Appearances:

Nicholas, The Taming of the Shrew, Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester, England, 1972.

Nimming Ned and servant, The Beggar's Opera (musical theatre), Chichester Festival Theatre, 1972.

Honorable George Carstairs, Betzi, Theatre Royal Hay-market, London, 1975.

Ferdinand, An Audience Called Edouard, Greenwich Theatre, London, 1978.

Hastings, She Stoops to Conquer, Greenwich Theatre, 1979.

Also appeared in Cowardly Custard.


Video Games:

Voice, The World Is Not Enough (also known as T.W.I. N.E.), 2000.

Voice of Rock, Secret Weapons over Normandy, LucasArts Entertainment, 2003.

Voice of imperial officer, Star Wars: Battlefront, LucasArts Entertainment, 2004.

Voice, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Electronic Arts, 2004.

Voices, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II—The Sith Lords (also known as Star Wars: KOTOR II), LucasArts Entertainment, 2004.

Voices of journalist and third news correspondent, Mercenaries, 2005.