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read·y / ˈredē/ • adj. (read·i·er, read·i·est) 1. in a suitable state for an activity, action, or situation; fully prepared: are you ready, Carrie? I began to get ready for bed | she was about ready to leave. ∎  (of a thing) made suitable and available for immediate use: dinner's ready! could you have the list ready by this afternoon? ∎  (ready with) keen or quick to give: I'm always ready with a wisecrack. ∎  (ready for) in need of or having a desire for: I expect you're ready for a drink she always looks ready for a fight. ∎  eager, inclined, or willing to do something: she is ready to die for her political convictions. ∎  in such a condition as to be likely to do something: by the time he arrived he was ready to drop.2. easily available or obtained; within reach: there was a ready supply of drink the murderer knew that the mallet would be ready to hand. ∎  immediate, quick, or prompt: those who have ready access to the arts a girl with a ready smile.• v. (read·ies, read·ied) [tr.] prepare (someone or something) for an activity or purpose: the spare transformer was readied for shipment | [tr.] she had readied herself to speak first. PHRASES: at the ready prepared or available for immediate use: the men walk with their guns at the ready.make ready prepare: they were told to make ready for the journey home. ready and waiting used to emphasize that someone or something is fully prepared or immediately available: the apartment was all ready and waiting for them.ready, set, go used to announce the beginning of a race. ready to roll inf. (of a person, vehicle, or thing) fully prepared to start functioning or moving: the next morning, the plan was ready to roll.

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