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quick·en / ˈkwikən/ • v. 1. make or become faster or quicker: [tr.] she quickened her pace, desperate to escape | [intr.] I felt my pulse quicken. 2. [intr.] spring to life; become animated: her interest quickened | [as adj.] (quickening) he looked with quickening curiosity through the smoke. ∎  [tr.] stimulate: the coroner's words suddenly quickened his own memories. ∎  [tr.] give or restore life to: on the third day after his death the human body of Jesus was quickened by the Spirit. ∎  archaic (of a woman) reach a stage in pregnancy when movements of the fetus can be felt. ∎  archaic (of a fetus) begin to show signs of life. ∎  [tr.] archaic make (a fire) burn brighter.