Quicksand 2001 (R)

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Quicksand ★★ 2001 (R)

Bill Turner (Dudikoff) is the new shrink on a marine base and one of his patients is Randi Stewart (Theiss), who's not only a sergeant but the commanding officer's (Hedaya) daughter. When General Stewart is murdered, Randi becomes the prime suspect. Turner, who has taken more than a professional interest in his patient, begins investigating and learns that the base has had an unusually high number of suicides as well. 92m/C VHS, DVD . Michael Dudikoff, Brooke Theiss, Dan Hedaya, Michael O'Hagan, Douglas Weston, Richard Kind, Pamela Salem; D: Sam Firstenberg; W: Steve Schoenberg, Ruben Gordon; C: Sameer Reddy; M: Curt Harpel. VIDEO