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pos·se / ˈpäsē/ • n. hist. a body of men, typically armed, summoned by a sheriff to enforce the law. ∎  (also pos·se com·i·ta·tus / ˌkämiˈtätəs; -tātəs/ ) hist. the body of men in a county whom the sheriff could summon to enforce the law. ∎ inf. a group of people who have a common characteristic, occupation, or purpose: he pompously led around a posse of medical students. ∎ inf. a gang of youths involved in (usually drug-related) crime. ∎ inf. a group of people who socialize together, esp. to go to clubs or raves.ORIGIN: mid 17th cent.: from medieval Latin, literally ‘power,’ from Latin posse ‘be able.’

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