Posner, Richard

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POSNER, Richard

POSNER, Richard. Also writes as Dayle Courtney, Jonathan Craig, Iris Foster, Erica Mitchell, Beatrice Murray, Alayna Richards, Paul Todd, Dick Wine. American, b. 1944. Genres: Novels, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical, Science fiction/Fantasy, Children's fiction. Career: Sachem High School, Ronkonkoma, NY, English teacher; instructor of composition, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY, Queensborough Community College, Bayside, NY, and Suffolk Community College, Selden, NY. Publications: (with J. Craig) The New York Crime Book, 1972; The Mafia Man, 1973; The Seven-Ups, 1973; The Trigger Man, 1974; Welcome, Sinner, 1974; The Image and the Flesh, 1975; Lucas Tanner: A Question of Guilt, 1975; Lucas Tanner: A Matter of Love, 1975; Lucas Tanner: For Her to Decide, 1975; The Lovers, 1978; The Impassioned, 1980; Infidelities, 1982; (with M. Castoire) The Gold Shield, 1984; Sweet Pain, 1987; Sparrow's Flight, 1988; Goodnight, Cinderella, 1989; Someone to Die For, 1993; Sweet 16 and Never Been Killed, 1993; Can You Hear Me Scream, 1994; Terror Runs Deep, 1995. AS DAYLE COURTNEY: The Foxworth Hunt, 1982. AS IRIS FOSTER: The Moorwood Legacy, 1972; Deadly Sea, Deadly Sand, 1972; Nightshade, 1973; The Sabath Quest, 1973; The Crimson Moon, 1973. AS ERICA MITCHELL: Jade Moon, 1984; Bright Desire, 1985. AS BEATRICE MURRAY: The Dark Sonata, 1971. AS ALAYNA RICHARDS: Tycoon, 1983. AS PAUL TODD: Blood All Over, 1975. AS DICK WINE: Allegro with Passion, 1973. Address: c/o Henry Morrison, Inc, PO Box 235, Bedford Hills, NY 10507, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]