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man·i·fold / ˈmanəˌfōld/ • adj. many and various: the implications of this decision were manifold. ∎  having many different forms or elements: the appeal of the crusade was manifold.• n. 1. a pipe or chamber branching into several openings: the pipeline manifold. ∎  (in an internal combustion engine) the part conveying air and fuel from the carburetor to the cylinders or that leading from the cylinders to the exhaust pipe: the exhaust manifold.2. technical something with many different parts or forms, in particular: ∎  Math. a collection of points forming a certain kind of set, such as those of a topologically closed surface or an analog of this in three or more dimensions. ∎  (in Kantian philosophy) the sum of the particulars furnished by sense before they have been unified by the synthesis of the understanding.DERIVATIVES: man·i·fold·ly·i·fold·ness n.