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ei·ther / ˈē[voicedth]ər; ˈī[voicedth]ər/ • conj. & adv. 1. used before the first of two (or occasionally more) alternatives that are being specified (the other being introduced by “or”): either I accompany you to your room, or I wait here.2. [adv.] used to indicate a similarity or link with a statement just made: it won't do any harm, but won't really help, either. ∎  for that matter; moreover (used to add information): I was too tired to go. And I couldn't have paid my way, either.• adj. & pron. one or the other of two people or things: [as adj.] there were no children of either marriage [as pron.] they have a mortgage that will be repaid if either of them dies. ∎  [adj.] each of two: the road was straight with fields of grass on either side.PHRASES: either way whichever of two given alternatives is the case: I'm not sure whether he is trying to be clever or controversial, but either way, such writing smacks of racism.