1600-1754: Law and Justice: Publications

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1600-1754: Law and Justice: Publications

James Alexander, A Brief Narrative of the Case and Tryal of John Peter Zenger, Printer of the New-York Weekly Journal... (New York: Printed by John Peter Zenger, 1736)Alexanders account went through fifteen editions in both New York and London by 1800 and has been described as one of the most influential books in American history;

Robert Beverley, An Abridgement of the Public Laws of Virginia... (London: Printed for F. Fayram &c J. Clarke &T. Bickerton, 1722);

Sir William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England (Oxford: Printed at the Clarendon Press, 1765-1769);

Michael Dalton, The Countrey Justice (London: Printed for the Societie of Stationers, 1618)a manual commonly used by colonial justices of the peace;

Matthew Hale, Pleas of the Crown. Or A Brief, but Full Account of Whatsoever can be Found Relating to That Subject (London: Printed for Richard Tonson, 1678);

William Hawkins, A Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown (London: Printed by His Majestys Law-Printers, 1716);

Henry Home, Essays upon Several Subjects in Law... (Edinburgh: Printed by R. Fleming & sold by James MEuen, 1732);

Daniel Horsmanden, The New-York Conspiracy: or, A History of the Negro Plot (New York: James Parker, 1744);

John Mercer, An Exact Abridgment of The Public Acts of the Assembly, of Virginia, in Force and Use...(Williamsburg, Va.: Printed by William Parks, 1737);

George Webb, The Office and Authority of a Justice of the Peace (Williamsburg, Va.: Printed by William Parks, 1736)also has descriptions of the duties of sheriffs, coroners, surveyors of highways, and militia officers and various legal procedures in Virginia.

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1600-1754: Law and Justice: Publications

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1600-1754: Law and Justice: Publications