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Short Parliament, April–May 1640. The first Bishops' War ended inconclusively because Charles I was not strong enough to fight the Scots. He summoned Parliament in 1640 in the expectation that it would provide the funds for him to do so. But the Commons were more concerned with grievances, in particular the growth of Arminianism and the crown's resort to prerogative taxation such as ship money. Some members were prepared to compromise. Others, like Pym, preferred deadlock since this would benefit the Scots, whom they regarded as allies in the struggle to preserve the true protestant faith in both kingdoms. In the end, Charles lost patience and brought proceedings to an abrupt close.

Roger Lockyer

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Short Parliament (1640) English Parliament that ended 11 years of personal rule by Charles I. Charles was forced to summon Parliament to raise revenue through taxation for war against Scotland. When it refused his demands, he dissolved it, but had to summon the Long Parliament a few months later.

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