Short Night of Glass Dolls

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Short Night of Glass Dolls ★★ Corta Notte delle Bambole di Vetro; Paralyzed; Malastrana 1971

Journalist Gregory Moore (Sorel) is found dead in a Prague square and taken to the morgue. Only he's not dead but paralyzed—he can't move or communicate but his brain works and through flashbacks he tries to remember what's happened to him. Gregory is investigating the disappearance of his girlfriend Mira (Bach) and learns that she is only one of many girls who have gone missing. The police are no help and Gregory's snooping leads to a sinister club and a secret society. Italian with subtitles. 97m/C DVD . IT Jean Sorel, Ingrid Thulin, Mario Adorf, Barbara Bach, Fabian Sovagovic; D: Aldo Lado; W: Aldo Lado; C: Giuseppe Ruzzolini; M: Ennio Morricone.