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Lulach (d. 1058), king of ‘Scotland’ and Moray (1057–8). His mother Gruoch belonged to the royal dynasty which failed in the male line in 1034. She married Macbeth after the death of Lulach's father Gille Comgáin, king of Moray, in 1032 at Macbeth's hands. Lulach probably allied with Malcolm Canmore against Macbeth, and became king of Scotland when Malcolm killed Macbeth in 1057. Four and a half months later Lulach was himself Malcolm's victim, slain ‘by treachery’ at Essie (west of Aberdeen), probably on 17 March 1058. According to a debatable source his body was taken to Iona for burial. He is the last king of Moray recognized as king of Scotland in Scottish king-lists.

Dauvit Broun