Fulford, battle of

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Fulford, battle of, 1066. Eight months after Harold Godwineson's succession in January 1066, Harold Hardrada, king of Norway, launched a major attack, in conjunction with Tostig, Harold's brother, recently deposed as earl of Northumbria. They brought 300 ships, and sailed up the Ouse to Riccall, south of York. On 20 September, Edwin and Morcar, Harold's brothers-in-law and earls of Mercia and Northumbria, gave battle at Fulford, but were heavily defeated. York fell to the invaders. But Harold led a forced march from London and on 25 September killed both Harold Hardrada and Tostig at Stamford Bridge. While he was celebrating his victory, Harold received news of William of Normandy's landing in the far south.

J. A. Cannon