Feltman, William

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Feltman, William

FELTMAN, WILLIAM. Continental officer, diarist. Pennsylvania. Of interest for his diary, which Freeman calls a "most useful source," he became an ensign in the Tenth Pennsylvania on 4 December 1776 and on 13 January 1777 was promoted to second lieutenant of Captain Jacob Weaver's Independent Company guarding prisoners at Lancaster. On 30 October 1777 he advanced to first lieutenant. Weaver's company was transferred to the Tenth Pennsylvania on 17 January 1777 and to the First Pennsylvania on 1 January 1781. Feltman was captured at Green Spring, Virginia, on 6 July 1781 and resigned on 21 April 1782. Feltman's military journal is an immensely valuable source, describing army life while he was serving with General Anthony Wayne's Pennsylvanians during the Virginia campaign.

SEE ALSO Wayne, Anthony.


Feltman, William. The Journal of Lt. William Feltman, 1781–82. 1853. New York: New York Times, 1969.

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