Clarence, Thomas, 1st duke of

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Clarence, Thomas, 1st duke of (1388–1421). The second son of Henry IV, Thomas was lieutenant of Ireland from 1401 to 1413, and was there, with guardians, until 1403, and again, more actively, in 1408–9. He also served in the Welsh war and at sea. He became more prominent when his father recovered control of government from Prince Henry (later Henry V): he was created duke and given command of the abortive expedition to support the Orléanist faction in France. Under Henry V, he took part in the Agincourt campaign and in the conquest of Normandy, sometimes in charge of successful detached operations. Clarence was lieutenant for the king's absence in England. Raiding Maine, he advanced with his cavalry ahead of the main army to attack a reported Franco-Scottish force at Baugé, where he was killed. He had no legitimate heir.

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Clarence, Thomas, 1st duke of

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