Saud, Abdul Aziz ibn

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Saud, Abdul Aziz ibn (1880–1953) Founder and first king of Saudi Arabia (1932–53). As leader of the Saudi dynasty, he was forced into exile (1891) by the rival Rashid family. He returned in 1902, and extended his authority, driving out the Turks and the Hashemites and founding the modern Saudi state in 1932. Ibn Saud was succeeded by his sons, Ibn Abdul Aziz Saud (r.1953–64) and Faisal ibn Abd al Aziz (r.1964–75). Saud (1902–69) acceded to the throne in 1953 but his fiscal mismanagement and personal extravagance caused a severe financial crisis in 1958. Soon afterwards his brother Faisal (1904–75) took over all administrative powers, formally replacing him as king in 1964.